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Attorney General Jeff Sessions—who's looking to repeal protections for immigrants, crack down on legal weed, and give business owners the ability to discriminate against LGBT customers—might have thought he could sneak into our fair city unaccosted.

Not the case.

After news broke last week that Sessions will be traveling to Portland for a series of incognito meetings with local and federal law enforcement officials, a number of organizations—including Salem-based
Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario and the anti-Trump Portland's Resistance—have begun planning a protest.

More than 150 people have said they'll show up, and there's not even a location yet.

The protest, scheduled for 10 am tomorrow morning, currently shows "TBD" under location—presumably because protestors don't know where the AG will be. Here's the event info.

Update: The protest is now scheduled from 11 am to 2 pm, outside of 1455 NW Overton.

The Oregonian, citing an anonymous official, says Sessions plans to discuss topics like "immigration, violent crime, drug enforcement and the opioid epidemic" on his visit. He's recently slammed Multnomah County's policy of not telling federal immigration officials when undocumented immigrants land in jail.

Update, 1:10 pm: Apparently Sessions is making public remarks after all. The US Department of Justice just announced that he'll be speaking at 1 pm at the local United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field office, 1455 NW Overton. Sessions is slated to give "remarks to federal law enforcement authorities about sanctuary cities," according to the release.