If you enjoy cannabis science, free chocolate, and smart womxn, and you're one of those eggheads who love their bookie books, here's a fantastic way for you to spend Wednesday evening, and it's free to those 21 and over.

This Wednesday, September 27, from 6 to 10 pm, Holocene will be the place to be, as Tin House Books hosts the Grow Your Own Book Launch and Cannabis Community Fair. The book's subtitle, "Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying cannabis," is on the money. This is a beautifully made and laid-out book, the combined efforts of four authors who used their expertise to cover a wider range of topics than you would normally find it a grow book, including vaporizers, making edibles, decarboxylation, the entourage effect, and other related topics.

In addition to this being an opportunity to buy the book on launch day and meet the authors, Tin House has put together a great evening of womxn-led programming, featuring short presentations on everything from talking with budtenders, mapping the cannabis genome, growing your own, improving women's sexual health through cannabis, and much more. Speakers include Emma Chasen (Farma), Mary J Poppins (Sativa Science Club), Lena Davidson (Botanica PDX), Nichole Graf (Raven Grass), Andi Bixel (Drip Ice Cream), Meghan Miller and Alisha Holloway (Phylos Bioscience), April Pride (Van der Pop), and others. Many will have interactive booths—including Pearl Extracts, who will have a hands-on terpene station, which they describe as an opportunity to "learn about these aromatic cannabis compounds and gain confidence in selecting strains based on their terpene profiles." Yes, please.

As the event states, "In accordance with OLCC regulations, no form of cannabis is to enter the premises in any form." So leave the devil's lettuce at home, as they will have specialty "Grow Your Own" cocktails and delicacies from Botanica Seattle, who will have a range of unmedicated chocolate treats. Or, do I as I plan to, and eat an edible pre-show. More info at the Facebook event page.