GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! I like the way we carry on, his love will send me on and on. With my man... people out there can understand. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Yesterday across the NFL, teams protested Trump's racist, anti-American statements about football players who kneel during the national anthem by kneeling, locking arms, or skipping the song entirely. This morning, Trump embarrassed himself and the country again by tweeting about the spectators booing and how "these are fans who demand respect for our Flag!” (Said the man who disrespects America and democracy on a daily basis.)

Oh, and now Trump is switching his allegiance over to (steel yourself for the surprise of your life) NASCAR. Yeeeee-haw!

And the president's racism continues with an expansion of his already racist travel ban. Trump has expanded the ban on travelers coming into the US, to now include Chad and North Korea—even though very few people from North Korea visit the country.

Since the Repeal and Replace 3.0 bill is getting the thumbs down from Rand and McCain, the GOP is making a desperate attempt to bribe possible holdouts Murkowski and Collins by making the health care plan particularly advantageous to their home states.

Former congressman Anthony Weiner has been sentenced to 21 months in jail on charges of sexting a teenager.

Obama apparently tried to warn Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg about his site being used to spread fake news and possibly influencing the election, but he was mostly ignored by the CEO, who is only acting now because of increased political pressure.

Remember when Trump chanted "lock her up" because Hillary Clinton used her private email for government business? Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner has been using his private email for government business. LOCK... HIM... UP.

Meanwhile in Alabama, a battle is brewing over who will take the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. In one corner there's Luther Strange, a terrible person backed by Trump and the GOP establishment. In the other, there's Roy Moore, a fucking whack-job. Sooooooo... nobody wins.

One dead and seven were wounded in a Tennessee church shooting over the weekend.

A lack of food is now a serious problem for Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria wiped out 80 percent of their crops.

Uber is apologizing for their (despicable) past actions, after London decides to end their contract with them.

Now let's look at the WEATHER: Cloudy and a possible shower today with a high of 66.

And finally, it's MONDAY! You can pet me if you like. (And I'll be just as chill as the chihuahua in this video.)