Officials rely on the citys formal housing emergency to operate a 200-bed shelter at the Hansen Building in East Portland. The shelter would face zoning challenges without the declaration.
Officials rely on the city's formal housing emergency to operate a 200-bed shelter at the Hansen Building in East Portland. The shelter would face zoning challenges without the declaration. Multnomah County

You know how Portland's under a formal housing "state of emergency" that lets officials put homeless shelters on property that otherwise wouldn't be zoned for homeless shelters? Mayor Ted Wheeler is pushing to have it extended for another year and a half, his office tells us.

SHOCKER: Gov. Kate Brown still wants to be Gov. Kate Brown. She's running for re-election next year.

Also maybe running for something: Stuart Emmons, who ran for the seat now occupied by Commissioner Chloe Eudaly last year, and who's very interested again now that Commissioner Dan Saltzman isn't pursuing re-election.

Your capacity for gape-mouthed outrage is vastly depleted, I know, but try this one on for size: At least six top White House advisers have used private email servers to discuss official business, the NYT reported yesterday. It's hypocritical, given that much of Trump's campaign hinged on Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server, but it's also different, the newspaper notes. It's also not necessarily illegal, but at very least presents security concerns.

Welp. Looks like Obamacare is going to survive the third attempt on its life. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine indicated yesterday she can't support the Graham-Cassidy proposal, making her the third GOP senator to oppose it. So it appears dead, but who knows these days?

The county's health director retired yesterday. As in, Joanne Fuller sent out an email to employees in the morning breaking the news that she was leaving pretty much immediately. It's hardly a typical exit for a three-decade public employee, and as the Portland Tribune notes, the abrupt departure comes shortly after a controversial firing in the health department led to accusations of systemic racism.

Police say a blind man was run down on Columbia Boulevard on Monday morning, after a driver apparently didn't stop for a red light. The driver is being charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Who knew that Washington State put its most serious sexual predators on an island pseudo-prison with a possibly tainted water supply? Not this reporter.

Speaking of Washington State, it's been clamoring for more seats at the table, as Oregon prepares to discuss tolling on I-5 and I-205. It'll get them.

Ready for your dose of dire national news? Let's start off nice and easy, with the fact that Puerto Rico still mostly lacks power, and nearly half of people lack water. Compounding those difficulties, grocery stores are only just toddling to their feet after Hurricane Maria's devastation, and don't carry many staples. It is a bad scene and people in PR have good reasons to believe Trump isn't engaged in their plight.

North Korea is now threatening to shoot down American warplanes that aren't in its air space, not long after several of them flew closer to the nation's coast "than any other American air mission since the turn of the century."

It's election day in Alabama! Will voters picking a senator to replace Jeff Sessions go with the Trump candidate or the Steve Bannon candidate? Right now, it's looking like the Steve Bannon candidate (a hard-line insurgent named Roy Moore). Whee.

Some peachy days ahead (not because of anything that's happening in the world, but because of the weather).