Bye, Graham-Cassidy! No one will miss you!
Bye, Graham-Cassidy! No one will miss you! Getty Images / OLJensa

NPR and the New York Times have both confirmed the death of Graham-Cassidy, GOP's latest health care bill that would've seriously screwed over states like Oregon, due to opposition within the GOP on the part of Sens. Susan Collins, Rand Paul, and John McCain.

Collins' announcement of opposition yesterday was a determining factor in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's decision to pull the bill, which couldn't pass if it lost the support of more than two Senate Republicans.

Here's the Times:

Senator Mitch McConnell on Tuesday officially pulled the plug on the latest plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, telling senators they will not vote on the measure and effectively admitting defeat in the last-gasp drive to fulfill a core promise of President Trump and Republican lawmakers.

Mr. McConnell’s announcement came less than 24 hours after a pivotal Republican senator, Susan Collins of Maine, declared firm opposition to the repeal proposal, all but ensuring that Republican leaders would be short of the votes they needed.

Senate Republicans already tried once this year to approve repeal legislation, an exercise that ended in defeat when Senator John McCain of Arizona gave a thumbs-down in July to kill that repeal proposal.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: One of the only things that gives me hope in this nightmarish political moment is the incompetence of the GOP. Collins has been stalwart in her opposition to the health care repeal, but Paul and McCain aren't exactly reliable friends to the Democrats. It's interesting that the GOP wasn't able to pull either of them in on this.

It's also good news for the rest of us, since Graham-Cassidy would've cut federal funding for health care, reversed the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion, allowed states to recategorize essential health benefits (bye, birth control coverage!), allowed insurance companies to jack up premiums for people with preexisting health conditions, and effectively punished states that actively implemented the Affordable Care Act.

Surprise! Turns out legislating health care is, like, really complicated, and people actually don't want higher premiums. That this is news to anyone over the age of 12 is shocking, but alas, it seems to be a lesson the GOP still hasn't learned.