Cover photo by Jason DeSomer

Once a year, the Portland Mercury finds itself with more weed than it knows what to do with. Weed-related content, that it—which is why our third annual Oregon Cannabis Guide hits the streets today! You can pick up a copy inside your regular Portland Mercury newspaper and at other locations around the cities (check your local dispensary!). Or, since futuretimes are now, you can read it on your computing machine or telephoning apparatus.

Here's a small puff of what's inside:

• "Two Promising New Cannabis Products Disappeared from Oregon Shelves. What Happened?" Despite making excellent products, Drip Ice Cream and Luminous Botanicals found themselves contending with ever-changing rules and regulations. How did two successful businesses run into so many bureaucratic problems?

• "Weed on the Teevee!" They smoke pot on TV now. It's kind of weird. (Also, that new Netflix show that's set in a weed dispensary is terrible.)

• "Please Shut Up About Indica Versus Sativa." Yes, you. You're starting to sound like you don't know what you're talking about.

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• "Decarb Your Weed—The Easy Way!" If you make edibles, you really should be decarboxylating your weed. And thanks to a fancy new gadget, it's not a giant pain in the ass anymore!

• Plus the wonders of working out with weed, our opinion of a special line of really delicious "junk food" edibles, a crossword puzzle just for stoners, and more! Check it all out in the Mercury's 2017 Oregon Cannabis Guide. If you don't, you're just like Jeff Sessions. Don't be like Jeff Sessions.