Concert-goers flee from a mass shooting in Las Vegas.
Concert-goers flee from a mass shooting in Las Vegas. David Becker / Getty

GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Baby, I'm not always there when you call, but I'm always on time. And I gave you my all, now baby, be mine. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

At least 50 are dead and 400 are wounded in ANOTHER mass shooting—this time at Las Vegas casino/resort Mandalay Bay, where a well-armed shooter fired on a crowd attending a country music concert for about 10 minutes. Police say the shooter committed suicide afterward.

Not much is known about the shooter, other than his name was Stephen Paddock, he was 64 years old, and he was in possession of more than 10 rifles during the shooting. Oh, and there's one other thing: HE IS A WHITE TERRORIST.

Trump said some things about the shooting, if you care. As usual, there is nothing of substance.

Because he is a terrible president, Trump undercut Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's efforts to open a new dialogue with North Korea, by calling his attempts a "waste of time."

Because he is a raging garbage fire, Trump insulted San Juan's mayor on Twitter after being accused he wasn't doing enough to stop the suffering in Puerto Rico. CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE TRUE? (See next story.)

While Puerto Rico continue to suffer this weekend, Trump... you guess it... played golf.

In case you missed it, health and human services secretary Tom Price resigned (under pressure—was most likely fired) after it was discovered he had spent at least $400,000 in air travel on the tax payers' dime.

More protests during NFL games this weekend, as football players continued to take a knee and raise their fists during the National Anthem to bring awareness to Trump's racist comments and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Facebook is hiring 1,000 people to review ads in an attempt to stop foreign entities from swinging our elections.

IN LOCAL NEWS: The new "distracted driver" law went into effect yesterday in Oregon, meaning you can't do what you shouldn't have been doing all along—using your goddamn cell phone.

New Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw starts her first full day on the job today, and has a big task ahead of her.

Our Timbers suffered a disappointing defeat at San Jose—for all the details check out our recap from footy correspondent Abe Asher.

Now let's peep at the WEATHER: Dry and cool today (high of 66), and a very nice week ahead.

And finally, Trump's had a busy summer of fucking shit up—which means SNL is forced to cram all of it into one joke-filled sketch.