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I am experiencing this as a tenant right now. The process of collecting the relocation fee has been been an headache and created emotional strain. I have finally gotten my landlord to agree to pay my relocation fee. What I want to see now is that the city ordinance provide resources on HOW to collect the fee.

My landlord wants me to sign a W9 form. In the eyes of the IRS I would be considered an independent contractor, which could cause me to pay 26% in taxes. That doesn't seem right...

City of Portland: What is the appropriate way to collect the fee?
This renter protection is a step in the right direction, but is insufficient, in my opinion. Allowing landlords to raise the rent 9.9% every year, year after year will do little to secure housing for low-income renters. The limit should be lower to, say, 5%.
How about instead of using the guns of the government to strip away the freedoms of homeowners, you whiney brats do the grown-up thing and buy a house yourself. Then, you don't have to spend so much time and energy crying about how daddy's unfair and you can instead.... WORK! That's right, if you can't afford to live, get another job! Or a second job! Yes, YOU are responsible to provide for your family and no one owes you shelter; that's YOUR job.

Don't you see that YOU are the reason your housing market is in crisis? And it's only going to get worse. Just like in every city with rent control, rent rates skyrocket because no one wants to move, then when someone finally does move landlords jack up the rate because the demand is so high and the supply so low. America is BEGGING you people to take an economics class.
CecileHayden, you are absolutely being given income in the form of the relocation fee, and should absolutely be paying taxes on it. Everyone pays taxes on their income, including landlords who pay taxes on their rent. You are complaining that this massive, giant, generous windfall of a handout you are getting is now all of a sudden not generous enough because you have to pay fucking taxes on it? Let's put your picture next to the definition of "Entitled" in the dictionary. Jesus pants shitting Christ.

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