Do you 1) like good local beer, and 2) think these so-called "scientists" are a bunch of lying assholes? Then Thursday is the day for you, as a flat earth Youtube star and local conspiracy theorists gather at a Southeast Portland brewery for an evening of beer drinking and and bonding over the belief that the earth is, actually, a flat disk and Magellan is a hack.

The Flat Earth Oregon group meets tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the Lucky Labrador on Hawthorne. The event's page touts the presence of YouTube star Devin Madgy, who'll give "a presentation on his thoughts in regards to the Flat Earth, and will be sharing the goals of The North Seal Project, his attempt to get to the real North Pole to see if the legends are true."

Madgy is quite the get. His YouTube page, Flat Earth Paradise, has nearly 32,000 subscribers, thanks to such classics as "The Biggest Conspiracy: You are a BLACK Magician," "Flat Earth: Shambhala is Real," and "Hyperborea, Flat Earth's Arctic Homeland & A Trip to the North Pole."

No word on if B.o.B. or Kyrie Irving will be in the house. Reality won't be.