After an OPB interview of new Police Chief Danielle Outlaw teased out that she had appeared on Wheel of Fortune in college, we made it our mission yesterday to find footage. Here's the first piece of what we turned up. I'll put up more in a bit.

Someone gave BuzzFeed a ton of emails that show how prominent Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos ran his (frequently ghost-written) stories past white nationalists before they hit the site, how his bosses scrubbed those stories of any overt racism, and how a legion of sometimes surprising admirers (an editor for Vice's women-focused website Broadly, for instance) came flocking. It's a harrowing journey.

The NYT gives movie mogul and prominent liberal donor Harvey Weinstein the old Bill O'Reilly/Roger Ailes treatment, systematically laying out decades of accusations of Weinstein's noxious creepiness, and his repeated settlements to hide those acts. In one meeting with Ashley Judd, the paper reports, Weinstein "asked if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower." Et cetera.

An enterprising young Multnomah County inmate recently used an electric razor to set fire to his cell, sending two corrections deputies to the hospital, Doug Brown reports.

Ballot News: It looks like a measure to repeal a health care provider tax—a big part of how lawmakers balanced the state's budget—will move forward, meaning we all probably get to vote in January.

Meanwhile, a very scared group of gun owners has failed in their effort to force a vote on repealing new gun control policy. They turned in less than half the signatures required, so not even really a good try.

They probably could've at least gotten signatures from this Roseburg father/son duo, whose first instinct upon seeing a car crash into their front yard was to try to shoot and kill its driver.

More on guns making us safer: It seems the Las Vegas mass murderer mulled targeting other cities. Police say he'd booked hotel rooms overlooking Chicago's Lollapalooza, for instance. He also had perhaps scouted positions in Boston, and booked a room near a Las Vegas concert by Chance the Rapper. Chilling.

Also: Police still haven't found a motive.

But HEY! Republicans say they might be willing to think about outlawing the add-ons that turn semi-automatic rifles into full-on machine guns! Wow, guys!

A message threatening Muslims has turned up in a break room for staff of Multnomah County, not long after the county announced an investigation into allegations of systemic racism in its ranks. This shit is getting tiresome.

About as tiresome as ugly hypocrisy from Washington. The latest example: The Pennsylvania congressman who won plaudits for his staunch pro-life stance while he was apparently urging his mistress to consider an abortion. Since that news broke, Rep. Tim Murphy has announced an abrupt resignation.