And how much has the value of that property gone up over the last six years? It is certainly relevant to the discussion.
This article was really disjointed and Eudaly sounds all over the map. First she seems to boast that her rent wasn't raised above 10% because of the law she helped pass, then she goes on a tirade that her landlord raised the rent 9.7%. She goes on to say the she knows the law is "working" in her testimony during Council last week, but then says that landlords who haven't raised the rent historically are now doing to the 9.9% threshhold as a reaction to the new law. And then the article goes on to discuss the loophole of LLC ownership, and that's just sad because putting different real estate holdings into different LLCs is a standard practice in real estate as a way to legally protect assets and is often required by lenders - Did Eudaly and her policy "experts" not think that obvious point through?. Takeaway? The policy Eudaly and her staff drafted was sloppy and amateurish, not assessing and addressing obvious gaps, risks and loopholes. Lady, this was YOUR policy, you only have yourself to blame on how well or poorly it is working.

At this point Eudaly just sounds like a big $110k salaried whiner.

And is the landlord, a black immigrant who came from nothing and raised himself up by his bootstraps and has provided Eudaly with housing since 2012 even when (by her own stories) she was extremely low income, in financial ruin, and has bad credit even up until she took office this year , supposed to be a good guy or a villain? Because he sounds like a perfectly professional, above board, decent person. So many questions. What was Eudaly's rent? Was it under market? And so what if the property is "shabby"? Is it not to code? If not, then why doesn't Ms Tenant Law savvy Eudaly simply require the landlord to get it up to code as is the law? And if it's so awful there, why doesn't she just move to someplace better? She can afford it.

It's just really hard to take Eudaly seriously. She choose to run an unprofitable, flailing bookstore for two decades to the detriment of her finances, and she didn't pay her taxes, pay employees (rather calling them "volunteers"), and did not get her business license or pay fees her last few years in business. Yet her landlord has contributed tens of thousands of dollars in taxes to our City and County, and provides jobs and and a livelihood for others through his investments, as well as providing stable, long term housing to people like Eudaly. Eudaly is a hypocrite.
"landlords who haven't historically been raising rents by nearly 10 percent, but are doing it now. It's reactionary, and it's exacerbating our rent crisis"

As literally everyone with half a brain predicted in response to this policy, because every landlord knew this was only the opening salvo and future restrictions will be even tighter and more misguided. Jesus, Eudaly is such a moron. Every economist, urban planner, or landlord could have told her this, but she told everyone not on her side during the hearing to "save their breath" because something about her drunk dad plowing down and killing a couple people after visiting his rental property.

The landlord sounds like an incredible success story, and an incredibly hard worker. Meanwhile, all the people who have had the fortune to be in Portland their whole lives, with all the incumbent advantages, failed to make anything of themselves and are now trying to mandate free and cheap rent through sloppy policy with predictably bad outcomes.
Also, where are all the people whining about the "conflict of interest" of landlord legislators voting against rent control? It's pretty clearly a conflict of interest for Eudaly to implement a policy that clearly and directly benefits herself financially, if that's the standard now.
Eudaly seems to have a serious issue with math. If your rent increased between 10% and 35% per year over a period in which there would be 5 rent increases that means the absolute minimum increase would be 4 10% increases and 1 35% increase. That is not a 75% increase, it is a 98% increase. Eudaly seems to be completely unfamiliar with the concept of compound interest. Frankly I wonder if she has enough comprehension of the issues she is voting on to be a competent commissioner.
I'm a renter and I vote, but Eudaly's whole song and dance just reeks of me first self benefit, gimme mine entitlement and a kind of toxic vindictiness towards property owners that is highly unprofessional, borderline unethical and certainly lacks mature, steady emotion and decorum that should be found in a so-called civic leader.

She's ranted and raged about her "slumlord" landlord many times in public forums including to the press, on her Facebook page as a public official and in Council hearings. She's even gone far enough to accuse him of negligence in possibly harming her child due to a tree limb on the curb in front of her house coming down during an ice storm. (She poated this rant on her Facebook page earlier this year).

It's a real testement to the good graces of her landlord that he doesn't just evict (and as noted in the article not having to pay a relocation fee) her then sue her for slander & defamation of character for her constant accusations and unfounded criticisms towards him. And she's better hope he doesn't because attorneys cost about $250 an hour and she'd find that newly minted six figure salary of hers going to lawyers as well as a possible court settlement/damages.

And, no, the maths (or economics, or real estate, public policy) are most certainly not in her wheelhouse. She's been an abject business and personal finance failure, there's no reason to expect she'll be any different in public office.
I just don't understand how someone like Eudaly who makes $110,000 a year with cushy government benefits and who can afford to rent or buy a house, deserves or needs $4200-$4500 while hundreds of very low income people, many of them elderly, disabled or ill living on the streets or in transient hotels still get nothing.

This totally reminds me of oldschool Russian communist party leaders who, despite all their wealth and power, would get money and perks and the most benefits from the laws they created, while the poor got nothing.

It's really kind of disgusting if you think about it.

Techbros and attorneys renting in the Pearl, getting relo checks they don't need but can use for a couple of beach vacations in Mexico, or what is the equivilant of a fancy dinner out every week for a year, or a down payment on a sports car, or heck even blow it on gambling in Vegas.
Meanwhile, the single parent who cleans their office building making minimum wage, scraping by who still can't afford rents in Portland and moved just a block away to Gresham gets an eviction notice and is SOL.

Or the low income family cramped into a crappy one bedroom only gets $3000, that's less than $250 a month. Guess what? They move out and still can't afford Portland rents that have also risen drastically in the past few years. Once again SOL.

It's just mind boggling how bad Eudaly's Law is.
I think it would actually be amazing if all of the landlords in Portland each chipped in about $20-$50 to raise enough for a relocation fee so Essiah can kick Eudaly out. I can't imagine another landlord who would ever want to rent to her, given her absolute hatred and antagonism towards anyone who actually owns property. Would love to see her try to buy something with her shitty credit score or, better yet, just be blacklisted from the City of Portland's housing stock generally.
"However, the real issue is with landlords who haven't historically been raising rents by nearly 10 percent, but are doing it now. It's reactionary, and it's exacerbating our rent crisis."

Reactionary. I think pretty much anyone with an iota of common sense would have accepted that almost all landlords, even previously nice and friendly landlords, would immediately implement 9.99% annual rent increases. This is only an unintended consequence because the person/people who developed this policy were too stupid to stop and think. It's a perfectly natural reaction. "Reactionary" is a rhetorical term used by the political class as an inflammatory dog whistle. Well, woof woof to you too.

The very worst, most ham-handed efforts at social engineering seem to occur at local levels of government.
Wow - some of you commenters sure have it out for Commissioner Eudaly. It is pretty knee jerk stuff - and also just some jerk stuff. So, what is inflation typically in a given year? Shall we do some basic math? I think even if some of you are well-meaning landlords, you all know there are many people out there who simply dont care, and do as little as possible with their properties - as long as those rent checks keep flowing. As for the idiot who is making a comment about Chloe making $110k now.... you must live on another planet if after only 10 months in office you think she can buy a house in this area. I'd recommend some of you take a look at who you are, how you comment online, and what your ethics and morals truly are. Would your grandmother accept how you talk?
TravisYYZ, my grandmother would kick Eudaly in the taint for being such a stupid commissioner. Go prattle on about morals somewhere else, unless you've fainted from the horror of people reacting in a predictable manner to horrible lawmaking.

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