Photos & Video: Portland Police Put Hoods, Headphones On Activists for "Protection" From Power Tools. There Were No Power Tools.


Duct tape? You duct taped your arms together? That is so sad. So incredibly metaphoric for the ideological ground you stand on. Your thoughts on immigration, sovereignty, and our national interests (not to mention your own) are duct taped together into a chain of idiocy that is easily torn apart and indefensible.
Let's point out that ICE agents are not the police. Many police departments have demanded that ICE stop pretending to be sworn police officers when they are just bottom of the barrel thugs rejected by the local sheriffs as deputies and unable to pass the courses at the police academy. The ice-hole in the middle reminds me of Ryan Bundy. May every ICE agent pictured rot in hell. I wish the PPB would refuse to assist these fake cops in the future. Let them do their own dirty work. PS Nice to know that the DHS trucks I see in SE are ICE. Now I know to give them the one finger salute. Join me.