Good morning, Portland. Your links are here.

Kinoko Evans

First up is Dirk VanderHart's news piece—also published in print yesterday (pick up a copy)—on the inevitable earthquake that will destroy many buildings in the city.

ICE is very hard for journalists go get ahold of, Thacher Schmid reports.

As several of its members are behind bars awaiting their murder trial, the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club headquarters is up for sale. Take a peek inside!

A food cart downtown exploded yesterday afternoon. Video of it is fucking intense. Goodbye Lai Thai.

Portland is plotting to set aside 2,000 apartments for its hardest-to-reach homeless residents.

The Portland Trail Blazers kicked the shit out of the Phoenix Suns last night. That's good news.

Some dude stole a Tigard police car, which is a bad idea.

Two iconic Portland statues were vandalized with swastikas.

This is a creepy story:

The dumb person continues to be bad.