If you want to kick off your pre-Halloween festivities in a hilarious way, don't miss Poltergeist Live!—a live on-stage parody of the classic 1982 Steven Spielberg/Tobe Hooper horror flick, starring some of the funniest actors in town (and me, too!).

Poltergeist Live is another Siren Theater/Bad Reputation joint, maker of such great movie parodies as Road House: The Play and Lost Boys Live... which you really liked, remember? And trust me when I say, this production is wilder and crazier than anything that has come before. Expect tons of ghosts, horrible apparitions, and maybe even a certain strangling clown? It's directed by the whip-smart Loren Hoskins, and stars Shelley McLendon, Lori Ferraro, Janet Scanlon, Jed Arkley, and lots more verrrrry funny people. It runs TONIGHT (Fri Oct 27) through Nov 4—SO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW... because "THEY'RE HEEEEEERE!"