North Portland's Piedmont Neighborhood Is Warring Over a Nonexistent Homeless Camp


It's a shame that the Lents neighborhood has no say in the take-over of the Springwater Corridor by aggressive tent societies. The bike/hike trail is the one nice thing the neighborhood has -- OK, the Pickles are pretty nice, too, but the MLB supporters will kill them quickly -- but the tenters want to live on Fury Road. Too bad for this underserved SE Portland neighborhood because the city doesn't care about you.
Community shunning. Makes me think of things like Mormons and other cults, like the Salem witch hunts. Takes NIMBY to whole new dicked up level.
Ryan McCarthy is embarrassing the entire neighborhood with this nonsense. Not only is there no proposal for a camp, his bylaws would prevent our NA from having input if one were created. This is anti-homeless bullshit.
As a resident of the actual Loveleigh section and former PNA board member, I'm unaware that Piedmont is "a neighborhood with long-standing tensions". Some history would be nice if one is going to make disparaging comments as a writer. Sure has been a pretty sleepy neighborhood until this kerfuffle out of the blue that has created an unnecessary crisis. Further, as to history and accuracy, it would be great if the rabblerousers did a little history themselves. As our outstanding chair has documented, the part of Piedmont being appropriated by the instigators isn't actually part of historic Loveleigh at all. Just sayin'.