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NOT GOOD: It turns out the US Air Force forgot to flag a domestic violence court-martial against the man who committed a massacre in Texas on Sunday. If it had, he might have found it harder to purchased the weapons he used while killing 26 churchgoers. It also emerged Monday that the gunman likely targeted the church because of his mother-in-law, who attends service there. She was not in town when the attack occurred. "“This was not racially motivated, it wasn’t over religious beliefs, it was a domestic situation going on."

About the domestic violence conviction against the shooter: He'd cracked the skull of his infant stepson in 2012.

Harvey Weinstein employed ex-spies and intelligence firms to go undercover and collect information about alleged victims and journalists working on stories that would expose his abuse. The intent was to stop a story from ever coming out. This New Yorker story is so crazy and you should read all of it.

IT'S ELECTION DAY, by the way. The single issue on the Portland ballot? A $185 bond for Portland Community College. Not super exciting. As always, though, you should vote. Ballots are due at drop boxes by 8 pm. Too late to mail.

Speaking of elections, Republican Knute Buehler wants to win the governor's race in a year. He's pressuring Gov. Kate Brown to investigate why Oregon's spending millions more than it's supposed to on Medicaid payments.

Bad news for Jeff Kruse (and gross news for you): A video has emerged of the state legislator shirtless, apparently chatting with a blond woman on Skype. Kruse, who was recently accused of sexual harassment by another legislator, told Willamette Week the video was being used in an attempt to extort money from him.

A captain of the Portland Spirit has been suspended, after he piloted the ship close to some rowers last month. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says the Spirit technically had the right-of-way.

A man is dead after an early morning shooting near Portland State University. Sounds like perhaps there was a fight in the area that led to shots. A lot is still unclear.

The AP has a long look at the issue of homelessness on the West Coast. It's exploding everywhere, not just Portland. Some good context to keep in mind.

Peacock Lane is now a national historic district, a push neighbors there made to ward off developers.

Today in Big Corporations Screwing You: A cache of newly leaked documents—the so-called Paradise Paperslay bare the baroque strategies rich people use to avoid paying taxes.