In all fairness, he does suck a lot.
The only thing worse than Trump is some asshole who puts up with him for the sake of cutting taxes for the rich at the expense of the poor. Alex Wong / Getty

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) released a memo this morning full of plenty of good and interesting and chest-thumping news for Democrats.

With a boost of confidence from Tuesday's wave and some promising early fundraising numbers (they've out-raised their Republican counterparts at the NRCC by $8 million in the third quarter despite the deficit of Dems in the House), they announced that they're "adding 11 additional Republican-held districts to [their] offensive battlefield, which now totals 91 districts," and which now includes Washington state's blood-red 5th district.

Trump-loving Cathy McMorris Rodgers has ruled the far east since 2005, and she's since climbed to #4 in the House's power rankings. Though she's already raised well over a million dollars in the race so far, her closest Democratic competitor, former Washington State University chancellor Lisa Brown, has raised $224,010. That's not nothing this early, but it's not a million dollars. This battleground designation from the DCCC might help boost funds in the short term and increase investment down the road.

Pointing to her successful bid to start a medical school at WSU, she's running on health care and job creation. Though the race probably won't be too competitive (Rodgers won her last two elections by 20 points), Brown's strategy at least makes sense when you consider the impact of the opioid crisis on the district combined with the threat the Trump administration poses to rural hospitals and community health centers, plus the general unpopularity of the GOP's agenda.

Speaking of unpopularity—the memo also includes some interesting polls regarding Washington's 8th district, where a race for Congressman Dave Reichert's abandoned seat has been warming up for the last couple months.

They dont like Trump.
They don't like Trump. DCCC

But they fucking hate Ryan.
But they fucking hate Ryan. DCCC

In WA-8, 67 percent of voters think Paul Ryan is doing a bad job, and only 20 percent think he's doing a good job. That's way higher than his national favorability numbers. Trump fares better with a 40 percent approval rating, which is a little higher than his national numbers.

The lesson to take from this: keep your government hands off my Obamacare. If this anti-Ryan sentiment helps drive an effort to defeat his abysmal tax plan, high-ranking Republicans like Rodgers might find themselves having to run a little harder than they've been used to.