The Dam's Breaking. Make Sure It Stays Broken By Listening to Women


It's 2017. It's about fucking time this shit stopped.
Geeez...your story was out of date in less than a day with the Matthew Weiner revelation. Yes, this ends now!
Yea, it's amazing what happens when people actually report crimes instead of concealing them and letting it continue.
Its really amazing that this unprecedented coming forward of victims and survivors comes at a time when the very embodiment of misogyny has a seat in the Oval Office. It really highlights the pushback that naturally results when things swing too far in a particular direction. It's not coincidental that the sports world has brought racial inequality into the mainstream lens in a similar way that Hollywood has for sexual abuse. People are tired of this shit! Also telling is the Spacey story which forces us to look at abuses of power which are not necessarily identified with stereotypical harassment and sexual violence. Great article Megan!