Oh man, where to start? Yesterday was a pretty big news day. Let's just get into some of the national news.

Roy Moore, the Republican nominee in Alabama for a US Senate Seat, is a big fucking creep, the Washington Post reports. The paper found four women who went on-the-record to say Moore, as an adult, either groped or tried to get physical with them while they were minors.

Add child molestation on to the heaping pile of reasons Roy Moore is a terrible person.

Breitbart, of course, tried to undercut the Washington Post story because it made an asshole Republican look bad.

Speaking of men being shitty, the New York Times dropped the Louis C.K. bombshell that had been the subject of rumors for several years.

And the Louis C.K. fallout begins:

Wapato Jail, a huge waste of money
Wapato Jail, a huge waste of money Multnomah County

Locally, some big news hit yesterday. The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners decided to sell the unused and money-draining Wapato Jail facility to a local developer for $10.8 million. The county's put $90 million in taxpayer money into it, the Portland Tribune reports, and it's never been used.

We've got the details on the $12 million that Portland City's Council approved for new spending. Several big things didn't make the list and won't get funded.

Not gonna help with the protests: "In a series of investigative stories called The Paradise Papers, Southeast Portland's Reed College is named as an investor in a Cayman Islands fossil fuels fund," the Portland Tribune reports. "The investment product, with nine other school investors, comes through EnCap, a financial firm providing venture capital to oil and gas companies. The reporting may spark new pressure on the college to consider social and environmental goals in its investment strategy."

Live in Northwest Portland? You might need to boil your water.

"Portland Public Schools fired deputy chief executive officer Yousef Awwad Thursday. Awwad told The Oregonian/OregonLive his ouster was "clear retaliation" for complaining about school board actions," the paper reports. "Awwad, who was twice tapped to serve as the district's interim superintendent and had drawn accolades from school board members for his management skills, said Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero fired him effective immediately."