YOUR MUST-READ: The Atlantic got ahold of private Twitter messages between Wikileaks and Donald Trump, Jr. (mostly from the former to the latter). They include a phony bonhomie, requests that Trump Jr. leak unflattering documents to help Wikileaks seem "impartial" and a bizarre request that Trump ask Australia to appoint accused rapist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange the Aussie ambassador to the US.

Another Roy Moore accuser. This time, it's a woman who says she was in her teens when Moore, a frequent patron of the restaurant where she worked, tried to force himself on her in his truck.

Oh and by the way? The New Yorker has talked to a lot of people who seem to remember Moore being banned from his local shopping mall over worries that he was preying on teens. I have still seen nothing that suggests Alabamans won't elect him, though Mitch McConnell's telling Moore to give up his bid for an Alabama senate seat.


Are these 970-foot skyscrapers coming to the west side of the Broadway Bridge? Almost certainly not, but one local firm has proposed them. One solid reason to maybe oppose such a project:

Six(ish) sad people declared "It's okay to be white" from a Vancouver-area overpass yesterday. Some were carrying weapons and at least one had a knife emblazoned with a swastika, according to reporters on the scene. Anti-fascist counter-demonstrators showed up in force. Nothing happened, really.

Problems in Kenton Village? The Tribune says neighbors have begun to grow leery over what they say is poor oversight at the experimental tiny home village for homeless women near Kenton Park.

As has been rumored for weeks, TriMet won't push forward with a $1.7 billion bond measure next year—a ballot item that was to largely be spent on a new MAX line into Southwest Portland. The O reports that TriMet will pass responsibility for a bond to Metro, which could form something up for 2020.

Soooo now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly considering approving an investigation into Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and an arrangement that saw a uranium company sold to a Russian agency. Sessions said investigating Clinton was out of the question during his confirmation process. Why the possible change? "Mr. Sessions might be able to forestall the president’s firing him by appointing a special counsel to investigate the uranium deal."

Hey look! Container shipping is (sort of) coming back to the Port of Portland.

The developer who's buying the county's unused Wapato jail is open to a discussion about the city's homeless problems. That could be interesting, since there are many people who think Wapato could be a large homeless services center. But developer Marty Kehoe, in this story from the Trib, isn't making any promises or even half-promises. Instead, he's hinting he wants the city to criminalize homeless camping. Visionary thinker!

Poverty tourism in Rio de Janeiro's most violent neighborhoods isn't going as well as you might think?