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Next week is Thanksgiving—or, if you must, Danksgiving. (Must you? Really?)

I will be the first to step up and provide the understatement of the year: The holidays can be a challenging time. Families don't always bring out the joy and festive spirit that Hallmark Channel programming would have us believe, and based on the alcohol consumption and tears that can come from spending time with ones we share bloodlines with, you may find your holiday experience is closer to The Walking Dead or American Horror Story.

So many people choose to double down on cannabis consumption, even in stealth form ("Cousin Jeff and I are going to...the store...to get some...butter?...right, butter. Be right back!" "But you guys just went 20 minutes ago." "Shut UP, Uncle Phil." )

I would never suggest that anyone forgo purchasing and consuming the cannabis needed to make the holidays happen with a minimum of regrettable words and bloodshed. But I would suggest that you consider allocating a portion of your cannabis budget to help those less fortunate.

These are dark days in many ways, and it grows darker for those less fortunate. You need only leave your home to see how many people wish they had one to leave. It's getting increasingly cold and wet and dark, and the ever-growing numbers of tents and makeshift shelters on our streets are a grim reminder that even if we bitch about our families, the rain, etc, we have so, so much to be thankful for this year. Seriously, we really do.

And so I am proposing that you take a mere 10 percent of what you'll spend on cannabis this week and/or next and donate it to people helping to feed and shelter some of the most vulnerable members of our fine city. It will make a tangible difference in someone's life, and the high you get from that will offset that extra gram or two of bud you skip buying.

There are many groups doing great work, and I'm just listing a few, so if you have one I will inevitably overlook, please list it in the comments section below.

Union Gospel Mission - As their website touts, "$1.92 provides a meal and care for a homeless person." You can't buy good rolling papers for that. They have a variety of programs you can support. DONATE.

Portland Humane Society - Feeling down on humanity? I feel you. But animals are great, and they need help with meals and housing as well. DONATE.

Outside In - They do more great work for homeless teens and youth than I can list here, many of whom are marginalized because of sexual or gender identity. (Nothing would infuriate Trump and his minions more than giving to this group.) In addition to general donations, you can utilize their holiday wish list for specific items. Their goal to "make sure every young person at Outside In gets a gift for the Holidays" made me choke up when I typed it. DONATE.

Meal on Wheels - Volunteers bring hot meals and some human contact to low income seniors—and for some that will be the only contact they have with the outside world for the day. Volunteer or donate what a dab would cost you. DONATE.