Nick Olmstead

Tickets for the Broadway smash Hamilton went on sale today in Portland, and people are going NUTS, y'all! The majority of our office have been twiddling their thumbs in virtual waiting rooms online trying to snag a ticket, and are constantly sighing while watching slow-moving reminders such as this:



However, there are brave souls who are doing things the old-fashioned way: Physically standing in a looong line at the Portland 5 Center for the Arts box office (1111 SW Broadway) that is currently wrapping two-thirds around the city block in a desperate attempt to get a $80-$500 golden ticket. How long is the line? Check out the video shot by our own Nick Olmstead at the scene, and be prepared to say "Holy fuck." (I counted 240... how about you?)

If you want to try and get tickets, give this a shot and good luck. PRO TIP: Since the weekend performances are nearly sold out, you may want to shoot for the Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday shows.