Drip Sweets

By now, my fondness for Drip Ice Cream is well known (although judging by my waistline, my fondness for all ice cream is well known). Andi Bixel, the powerhouse behind Drip, has just launched a new product that you should check out— and by "check out," I mean put into your face by the handful.

Dubbed Gems Luxury Candy, these 5-milligram beauties come in two flavors, Citrine Quartz (citrus) and White Mint Illuminite (vanilla mint). Each comes sold in packages of 10, and will be available in dispensaries this week.

According to Bixel, "These incredible hard candy Gems are known to grant the ability to play with time, bring joyful engagement with the physicality of life, and even assist in mystic travel to the realm of flow." Which sounds awesome, although Bixel may have had a Gem (or 20) before crafting that statement, but hey, anything that assists in mystic travel to the realm of flow should be celebrated (my four daily 20-ounce cold brews certainly aren't affording me such a privilege).

I was lucky enough to try some Gems ahead of their release, and found them to be tasty, potent, and very, very pretty. Perhaps an entire package was consumed in a single sitting. I can't recall, as I was too busy joyfully engaging with the physicality of life. (Or maybe just watching Rick and Morty.)

There are many great micro-dose edibles on Oregon dispensary shelves, and now we have another. Roll away the stoned and start mining your local shop for these. You can find them at Farma, Bridge City Collective, Ivy Cannabis, and Westside Wellness, and other places, with more soon to follow. Go to for a full list of locations.

Drip Sweets