Haoquin Lius business
Haoquin Liu's business adeadvancedoptics.com

Oregon City's Haoqian Liu, who runs an online gun store, keeps getting busted by the feds for illegally smuggling in gun parts from countries in Asia.

In the middle of a probation sentence for bringing in at least 30 shipments of gun parts from the Philippines—including some that violated the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations—the US Department of Homeland Security seized $50,000 from Liu that agents say is proceeds from an illegal scheme to smuggle gun parts from China.

Liu operates a company called ADE Advanced Optics, an online gun part retailer based in Oregon City. In February, the feds—agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF); Homeland Security; Customs and Border Patrol; the Department of Commerce—and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office raided ADE office in Oregon City and seized a whole bunch of assault rifle parts shipped illegally from China that they say are worth more than $1.5 million. Per federal court records:

The seized firearm parts from China include AR/M4 forearm assembly (rails), front and rear sights, AR/M4 buffer tubes, AR/M4 buttstocks, AR/M4 pistol grips, AR/M4 barrel nuts, AR/M4 forearm nuts, AR/M4 forearm end caps, AR/M4 buffer springs, AR/M4 forearm retainers, AR/M4 snap rings, AR/M4 weld springs, AR/M4 buffers, AR/M4 end plate sling adapters, AK47 receiver covers, and AR/M4 carry handles with sights, with an appraised domestic value of $1,564,522.58.

Liu's incoming mail, which had fake names listed on shipments, had been monitored by the feds for months leading up to the raid, the lead investigator wrote in his declaration to seize the $50,000. Liu didn't have permits for the shipment, and "ATF further advised that under the provisions of the Importation of Arms, Ammunition and Implementation of War Regulations the United States would deny a license or permit application" for Liu's shipments, the affidavit states. "This policy also applies to countries in which the United States maintains an arms embargo, including China."

Liu, through his attorney, agreed to forfeit the $50,000 seized by the feds, it says. The Oregonian has a detailed article about the last time he was busted by the feds.

Here's what a Homeland Security Investigations special agent wrote about Liu on December 1: