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First up this morning, Mayor Ted Wheeler is saying goodbye to two more of his bureau directors. The city announced yesterday that Housing Director Kurt Creager's departure has been hashed out over the last month—he was pretty clearly forced out—and Office of Equity and Human Rights Director Dante James is setting sail for Colorado.

Wheeler's also trolling the federal housing secretary (in a more-or-less good way). No housing official is immune.

As we all figured he would, Sen. Al Franken announced yesterday he's resigning from office, after yet another woman accused him of sexual harassment and he lost the support of virtually all of his fellow Democratic senators. He's also not admitting to most of the accusations, and he's quite salty that Trump still gets to be in office and a (alleged) child molester will probably be elected to the Senate next week. ("The GOP has lost its last ethical moorings," Slate's Dahlia Lithwick argues.)

GOOD NEWS: The police officer who shot a fleeing, unarmed Walter Scott in the back in 2015 was sentenced to 20 years in prison yesterday, in what the NYT notes "is one of the few instances in which a police officer has been prosecuted for an on-duty shooting."

How the hell do that many crisp, unfolded hundos get through the tiny slot in a Salvation Army kettle and still qualify as an "anonymous" donation, I want to know. Something ain't right. (But if you gave $10K to the Salvation Army, good on you.)

Have we regressed to the point of shooting each other with crossbows in this city? And is that a good or bad thing? Discuss in the comments.

We noted yesterday that Portland's financial outlook for next year is potentially worse than planned. Budget officials now say the city could be facing a budget deficit of between $9 million and $30 million, despite surging economic growth.

Oregon Congressman Kurt Schrader is okay carrying the NRA's water. He voted yes on a bill that expands the rights of people to tote their concealed weapons in all 50 states. "Schrader often votes with the National Rifle Association, which gave him a 71 percent positive rating in 2016," OPB notes.

Just a reminder: The homelessness crisis is playing out up and down the West Coast. Here's a snapshot of what's going on in San Diego.

More from California: Both of these videos are weirdly worth your time.

And of course, Southern California is still in flames (with the help of climate change!). "Driven by erratic winds through parched narrow canyons, the hydra-headed Thomas fire in Ventura County continued its onslaught on many fronts Thursday, roaring through beach communities, suburbs, fruit orchards and rugged mountain redoubts."

Three people, including the gunman, were killed in a New Mexico school shooting yesterday. Authorities haven't released much about the shooter or victims.

Aaand the government is funded for two more weeks, and a larger budget standoff looms.