Patrick Brice’s 2014 cult film Creep follows Josef (Mark Duplass), a serial killer who finds aspiring videographers on Craigslist and lures them to secluded cabins with the promise of well-paid work. It’s one of the best and most unsettling examples of found footage horror I’ve ever seen—despite plenty of red flags (an ax lodged in a tree stump, a terrifying wolf mask called “Peachfuzz”), Josef and his flavor of the week, Aaron (played by Brice), bond at the outset, moving through mutual cycles of trust and manipulation. Brice and Duplass returned this year with the hilarious Creep 2, which finds Josef deep in a midlife crisis—he’s about to turn 40 and can’t access his murderous inspiration. Enter Sara (Desiree Akhavan), an adventurous young vlogger who responds to an ad seeking filmmakers who like Interview with the Vampire. Josef introduces himself as “Aaron” and immediately reveals his profession to Sara, who can’t tell whether or not he’s bluffing. It’s claustrophobic and captivating, and you’re always left wondering whether they’re about to fuck or kill each other. Bonus: unexpected comic relief from Josef’s diva moments, kale smoothies, and passion for jam bands. (dir. Patrick Brice; available digitally and on DVD)

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