There’s a giddy, freewheeling sense of fun in just about every frame of Stephen Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky, which is a damn near perfect heist flick and a damn near perfect comedy. With fantastically deadpan performances from Channing Tatum and Adam Driver—who, as blue-collar Southern brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan, make the dubious decision to rob a NASCAR stadium—the gleefully clever Logan Lucky never lets up. Just under the hood, there’s a surprisingly affecting story about family and class in America, but Soderbergh never loses sight of his characters’ rambunctious, rebellious charms—nor the fact that they might be in over their heads. “I know this attempt to be organized is a big step for you,” says Clyde, after spotting a handwritten list on Jimmy’s fridge: “TOP TEN RULES FOR ROBBING A BANK.” Step one: “DECIDE TO ROB A BANK.” (dir. Steven Soderbergh; available digitally and on Blu-ray)

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