Look at their funny wrong-sided steering wheel! Oh, you Brits.
Look at their funny wrong-sided steering wheel! Oh, you Brits. Courtesy of Netflix

What are you watching this weekend? The most promising new thing on the streaming services is The End of the F***ing World, a British comedy series that looks as dark as they come. Its title might a little too nose-perfect for the moment, but reviews are strong and the show looks legitimately appealing. All eight 22-minute episodes went up on Netflix today, and the trailer provides a pretty good idea of what’s in store.

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Sure, it may not look like anything new: A pair of angsty teenagers go on a road trip to escape from their dreary lives and stupid parents. But a story this rote lives or dies by the amount of wit in its writing and the level of charm in its performances, and TEOTFW (as the Brits have taken to calling it) looks like it has the goods to pull it all off.

The show premiered last October in the UK through Channel 4, and earned good reviews from the British press at the time. Radio Times said:

In the years since The Inbetweeners wrapped up, few shows have so accurately skewered the nuances of teenage angst…. The series as a whole… is a brilliant, concise and emotionally charged bit of British dramedy, worthy of comparison to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag: at turns disturbing and hilarious, sometimes, remarkably, both at once.
And the Guardian said:
They’re like exaggerated cartoon teenagers. In fact, they are cartoon teenagers and the show is based on a comic of the same name by Charles Forsman, with an extra dimension, and with motion and life breathed in by Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden in the lead roles. It’s fabulous—comedy so dark that you can barely make out the comedy. And yet it is funny, as well as being convincing.
Sounds like this’ll scratch anyone's Brit itch and make for a solid, quick, bleakly funny binge this weekend. Now, about that actual end of the fucking world...