Good morning, Portland. Here are some links for you.

Levi Hastings

First up is this week's feature by writer Heather Arndt Anderson about a 1912 Portland sex scandal: "In those days, prostitution and other forms of vice (the fun, old-timey name for sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll) were rampant, but largely hidden from view—until a 14 year-old boy named Hazen Wright, brought downtown for questioning after being caught shoplifting, inadvertently exposed one of the biggest sex scandals of Portland’s early years."

"The city might unleash stronger parking regulations in its busiest areas," News Editor Dirk VanderHart reports. "But in the one neighborhood where they've been tried, discrimination has emerged."

Two major Republican figures in the state are trying to trick you in the voters' pamphlet for Measure 101, we reported yesterday.

Amanda Lamb was fired from Multnomah County last month for sharing data about racial disparities in the justice center. She just was hired by city auditor's Independent Police Review to review data. Seems like a good fit.

"All five Portland city commissioners sent a letter Monday to U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams, opposing the U.S. Department of Justice's reversal of the Obama administration's hands-off approach to the legal marijuana market in Oregon and other state," the Oregonian reports.

TriMet doesn't have to pay $209,000 to a man who was stabbed six times on a bus, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled yesterday, because the guy "hadn’t notified TriMet of his intent to sue within 180 days of his injuries, as required by state law."

12 Oregon landmarks were added to the National Register of Historic Places.

"The Oregon Department of Justice said Tuesday that it has referred questions about what happened to thousands of dollars raised by the 2017 Portland Women's March to its criminal justice division," the O reports.

Former Oregon football coach Mark Helfrich is headed to the NFL as offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears.

Portland Tribune: "Wildlife Services, a wildlife-killing unit of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has agreed to halt killing beavers, river otter, muskrat and mink in Oregon, in response to a threatened lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity and Northwest Environmental Advocates."

Of course.

Fuck ICE.

Voting roll purges are terrible.

And finally, something less depressing.