THE PRESIDENT HAD A VERY BIG DAY: In a meeting with lawmakers on immigration, Donald Trump calls Haiti and African nations "shithole countries" and bemoans the fact that Norwegians aren't coming to the US instead. This inspires a neverending cascade of sarcastic "The president is racist?!?!!" tweets on my Twitter feed, and also every major news organization in the country to blare the word "shithole.. (Hearing it on NPR this morning was actually a delight.) For whatever it's worth to you: Trump denies the widely reported choice of words (but not saying he favors white Europeans over Africans).

This isn't remotely surprising, of course, and it won't ultimately matter. Remember the previous reports about Trump saying Haitian immigrants all have AIDS, and insinuating all Nigerians live in huts?

This was only one thing Trump did, though! He also freaked out when Fox News informed him that Congress was set to extend federal warrantless wiretapping activities, Tweeting out against the move before learning that, oops, his administration has supported it!

And on Wednesday, in a joint appearance with Norway's prime minister, Trump reported that the US is supplying the country with a type of fighter plane only available in the Call of Duty video game franchise.

IMPORTANT: The state's district attorneys are getting ready to push a campaign to mandate unanimous jury decisions. Oregon is one of two states that allows convictions when a jury is split by up to 10-2. That policy has bigoted roots, though, and DAs are apparently willing to make winning convictions harder in order to be done with it. Which is great.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Voting is easy, and this time it's ultra super easy. The ballot you've ignored for a week or so just has one bubble to fill in, but it's a very urgent decision you'll be making. We can help. You should vote.

There's a public memorial for former Mayor Vera Katz on Sunday, January 28. The O has the details.

The Tribune dug into the sordid details of a Portland cop who resigned recently, after having been found visiting a paramour during work hours. It's a seedy, odd tale.

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury apologized publicly to Commissioner Loretta Smith yesterday for calling her a bitch. Smith threatened to leave a meeting of the county board before dragging the apology out, OPB reports.

The city's Bureau of Environmental Services brought a sanguine, wonky ordinance to city council this week about how it calculates stormwater rates. Residents of floating homes say it was a sneaky way to charge them for services they don't need—and at least one member of the city council seems to agree.

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Flu season is proving deadly, again. Getting a shot probably couldn't hurt, even though this year's vaccine is "particularly ineffective."


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