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Incontrovertible fact: Donald Trump is a racist, whose latest epithet of hate (calling Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations "shitholes") is just another in a long line of examples that prove our president is a white supremacist who doesn't deserve to hold his office another second. That said, maybe after he's impeached and serves his jail time, he can become the living incarnation of Shakespeare—or at least that's how Raheem Kassan, the British, ultra right-wing co-host of Sirius XM's Breitbart News Daily thinks of him. Transcribed from Media Matters:

RAHEEM KASSAM: I don't think you guys, as Americans, ever thought you were electing a saint. I don't think you were electing a Pope. And I certainly don't think you thought he was this sort of polite infallible gentleman. I would add to that as well, if you go back through history, if these journalists who are freaking out... about this use of language in the Oval Office, would actually care to pick up and read a book, they might learn some things about their own heroes that they don't particularly consider presidential. Plenty about what JFK was like, plenty about what many other U.S. presidents were like. And indeed I do believe that language can be — I think cadence can be improved sometimes with crude language. If you look at Shakespeare, for instance, there were plenty of occasions in which he was seen to drop in things that were not OK back then, and things that would challenge the audience, and disturb the audience, and shock the audience. And so, I don't buy the whole, presidential, unpresidential, especially when it comes to a single use of a single word like this.

Can the Queen exile people? Because comparing Trump to Shakespeare sounds like an unforgivable offense, especially in the Bard's birthplace. Naturally the point isn't the President's salty choice of words, it's the clearly racist intention behind it. And Kassam, the GOP, and the rest of Trump's supporters in their defense of the president's actions, have aligned themselves with racism, white supremacy, and the moral degradation of this country. And they all need to go. FULL STOP.

P.S. As a side note, I'm not happy about all these newspapers and media organizations repeating the word "shithole" without asterisks. THAT IS THE PORTLAND MERCURY'S JAM, and has been since day one. For proof, check out the collected works of Frank Cassano, the Mercury's resident Shakespeare.