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GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Things are getting worse, we have to make them better. It's time to give a damn. Let's work together come on, yeah. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everybody! If you're looking for ways to help the community on this MLK Day of Service, here are a few good suggestions.

60 Minutes did a profile on Portland last night, asking if it still resembled the sitcom Portlandia—and guess what they discovered? Our Doug Brown brings you the high(low)lights.

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley says he's very optimistic about a DACA deal regardless of what Trump's lying tweets say.

In case you missed it, Trump's latest lying tweet about DACA going down was probably due to his hissy fit about being called a racist by nearly everyone in the country. And while no one in the meeting initially denied Trump's "shithole countries" remark, suddenly Republicans are coming out of the woodwork to say it never happened. BECAUSE THEY TOO ARE LIARS.

In case anyone is even the slightest bit conflicted over whether Trump is a racist or not (and he most certainly is), here's a definitive list of examples.

For nearly 40 minutes on Saturday, Hawaii was in a panic because a state employee "pushed the wrong button" and send out a message saying the island was under ballistic attack. (Trump knew about it and could've put Hawaiians fear at ease, but he was too busy playing golf and being a racist.)

Thanks to Trump's shenanigans and GOP immorality, the 2018 midterm elections are looking more and more like a nightmare to them.

Chelsea Manning, the transgender woman who served time for leaking government secrets, has announced she is running for a Maryland senate seat.

Master of None's Aziz Ansari has responded to accusations from a woman who says she was sexually taken advantaged of by the actor.

Now let's gaze upon the WEATHER: A partly cloudy day with rain late this evening and a high of 50.

And finally, you may have heard about that car that took flight and embedded itself in a second floor dentist's office in Santa Ana, California. Check out this CCTV video of the car's take off—and wonder how that bus driver felt.