Corbett Fire

Trouble on I-84, where a semi truck plunged into the frigid Columbia River last night near Corbett—apparently after a collision with a car.

I got multiple texts yesterday, when news emerged that Cranberries front woman Dolores O'Riordon had died of as-yet unclear causes. I never get texts when celebrities die. This says something. Rest in peace, Dolores. We are grateful for your work.

County Commissioner Loretta Smith finally kicked off her candidacy for city council over the weekend, and the Trib reports there wasn't much said about recent controversies.

BUT WAIT: Seth Woolley, the activist who recently filed a successful election complaint against Smith, says he's planning to file suit today to force the issue of whether she should have resigned from her county seat when she informally launched a run for city office last year.

Gymnast/hero Simone Biles is the latest in a staggering number of young female athletes who say they were sexually assaulted by a disgraced former physician, Larry Nassar. Nassar will be sentenced for a number of his assaults later this week, but the entire thing is unspeakably ugly.

Surprise! As the nation geared up for Martin Luther King's birthday, Black churchgoers were pretty displeased with the direction of the country under Trump.

So you know that great, multi-layered piece about making Mario Batali's trash cinnamon rolls? The Seattle woman who wrote it was targeted by hackers, and briefly locked out of her Twitter account.

The Detroit Dam has wrought havoc for migrating fish populations, and as officials struggle with how to rectify that, they're saying Detroit Lake might need to be largely drained for years.

The O has a rundown of the newest bureau directors at the City of Portland, in case you were curious.

The paper also mapped out car thefts in the city over the past two years and—yep!—mine is on there. (We got it back, sans battery, stereo, and a bit of camping gear.)

Same as yesterday: The push and pull over immigration policy and Trump's racist remarks has created uncertainty about a government shutdown at the end of the week.

Never Trust a Man with a Prince Valiant Haircut: You know that already, but let this ugly story about a California couple who kept their 13 children—some grown—shackled and malnourished be a reminder.