The (Possibly Only) Good Episode of the New X-Files Is On Tonight


I am with you!

I enjoyed the Were Monster episode so I hope this one is fun to watch, too. All of the other episodes, especially in this season 11 ARE SO AWFUL I swear they had Gillian Anderson sign her contract before allowing her to read the script. What the fuck was with whiny "what if you find a 22 year old you want to have babies with?!" dialogue (Scully and Mulder are NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE, OR ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FORGET THAT AND SERIOUSLY, SCULLY WOULD NOT WHINE LIKE THAT. WORDS LIKE THAT WOULD NEVER COME OUT OF HER MOUTH).

And don't even get me started on the CSM drugged and raped ("with science") Scully way back and is the baby daddy of William. Chris Carter's tone deaf (drugging and raping and yes what CSM did to Scully IS rape despite CC's statement that "he didn't rape her) and ridiculous writing is so cringe worthy it is nearly impossible to watch these episodes.

Remember when he said the series would end after season 5 with a film that would explain everything? Yeah. And then Mulder left and he kept going. And now GA says she is out for good (which may explain CC's hate writing of her character this season). He keeps saying the show is not the show without Mulder and Scully together and yet he did the show for years without David Duchovny.

I wish they had never done the new episodes.
Fucking love all the new shit. Fuck off.
@2 The great thing about life is that everyone has an opinion. No need to tell people who disagree with you about a TV SHOW to fuck off. Enjoy! Happy you love it!