Here's a stereotype about cannabis users that has some real merit: Our short term memories aren't always great.

Start hollering if you want. It's true, you know I'm right.

Another stereotype? Our short term memories aren't always great.

Which isn't a hanging matter, unless you're a patient trying to keep track of how different strains and products have fared in treating your ailments. Or, if you are a recreational consumer, remembering which strain made Bob's Burgers extra hilarious, and which one let you sleep through the episode.

Famous last words? "I'll remember this strain..." Unless it's got a really unique name ("Session's Blood Kush" "President Babydick Haze"), no, you most likely will not.

Thanks and praises to the good folks at Goldleaf, who have designed the next-level tool in keeping track of your weed info. Their beautifully produced softcover guides were designed in Ohio (there is a joke about the "high" part of Ohio, but you need to do the work and write your own), and are the perfect size for a bag or coat pocket.

Their "Patient Journal" is laid out brilliantly, with a section for contacts, an infographic on cannabinoids, another for terpenes, strain recommendations, 28 pages of templated entry pages to track use, a section to list lab reports, and more. Every base is covered. It's a welcome tool for new and experienced medical cannabis users, as it helps sort out what questions you should be asking yourself after consuming new strains. Questions you may not remember to ask yourself, because of being high from the cannabis and all.

Goldleaf offers two other notebooks: a "Cannabis Taster Journal" for the recreational user, with a modified but similar variety of sections, and a "Grow Planner," which just made the gift list for all my green-thumb friends this year.

The company's mission statement reads in part that their "focus is creating amazing and thoughtful products for cannabis enthusiasts." I think they've succeeded.