Team Rosins XPress 10-Ton Rosin Press.
Team Rosin's XPress 10-Ton Rosin Press. Team Rosin

Welcome to Shameless Self-Promotionville, Population: me, apparently bereft of any real form of shame.

On Monday, January 29, I will be at NW Cannabis Club serving in a role that is very much a legitimate undertaking, and not made up at all in the least—Celebrity Dabtender. ("Dabtender" is also a well established and universally accepted term and I didn't just make it up, no need to check on that.)

First off, I am not being paid for this, and no one is "hooking me up with phat sackz." I was asked, and I need to get out of the house more, if only to stand alone and be avoided in front of an e-nail at an event. Honestly, "approachable" is not a term often applied to me. That said...

The real reason to come check this out? Bring your own flower, and Brandon Olsen and his crew at Team Rosin will help you turn that flower into rosin, using their professional-grade press equipment to extract the THC/CBD and terpenes into a sweet, thick concentrate that can be dabbed or incorporated into a joint or bowl.

By using lower temperatures in extraction, and by using just heat and pressure, and no solvents, you can get a nuanced and complex-flavored product with the THC levels of good hash. Who doesn't love that?

What to do with your new precious? You could take it home to smoke it, or you could come upstairs and roll the dice that I won't accidentally knock a 500-plus degree e-nail into your forearm, as I "assist" as your "celebrity" "dabtender." Ouch! Well, your next hit is truly medicinal now, isn't it? No, don't thank me. Once the skin grafts stop rejecting in a few months, we are going to laaaaaaaugh.

The event starts at 8 pm, this Monday, January 29. I most likely won't do dabs with you, but that is subject to change.

NW Cannabis Club, 1195 SE Powell