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Well that didn't last long: Weeks after legislators unveiled a proposal to price carbon emissions in Oregon, senate leaders are signaling that it has no hope of passing in the legislative session that begins next month. Meanwhile, House Speaker Tina Kotek is invoking the contemptible New England Patriots to suggest the proposal might have life yet.

Another bill that has a chance: A proposal to make health care a constitutional right in Oregon.

Meanwhile, a push to tax large retailers that operate in the city of Portland to help pay to offset carbon emissions is moving forward. Supporters have filed an initiative petition with the city, and will work to collect enough signatures to get the tax on the November ballot. An analysis of one version of the tax suggested it could raise up to $51 million a year.

In other climate change-adjacent news: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee might have put the final nail in the coffin of a proposed oil-by-rail terminal in Vancouver yesterday. The terminal would be the nation's largest, but it's unclear if its boosters will appeal the governor's decision to nix it.

Who's behind Priority Oregon the conservative group that's launching attacks on Gov. Kate Brown and labor unions? They're not willing to say, exactly, but OPB has some insights to offer.

It's 2018, and the Cleveland Indians are about to ditch their racist "Chief Wahoo" mascot. What, this year? No! They'll do it in 2019.

Slow Ride: According to the Oregonian, a shortage of cash might push back a plan to create a rapid-transit bus route on Division.

We know more about the suspect in a horrific murder last week, in which a 28-year-old Aloha woman was found dismembered in two suitcases. It's all extremely disturbing.

Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI, hastily stepped down yesterday. He's been a frequent target of Donald Trump, who thinks McCabe is an unabashed Democrat, because McCabe's wife ran for office as a Democrat.

Also: House Republicans want to release a secret memo they say tarnishes the justice department's motive for looking into a Trump aide. Democrats who've seen the memo say it's highly misleading.

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The tiresome narrative that won't die: Trump will give his first State of the Union speech tonight and the mythical "reset" writers love to conjure is once again a thing. Reset to when? To what exact point? Anyway, the first lady, who's been out of sight since tales emerged of Trump paying a porn star hush money, will attend tonight's event.