This blog post is about something interesting that I don't fully understand. ("How is that different from anything else you write?" you ask, to which I reply, "It's not, but you hush now.")

Perhaps you're kicking yourself for not jumping on Bitcoin when you had the chance, when you could buy 100 of them for a nickel, and now they each trade for $20,000, except in the time it took me to type that they dropped to $9,000, and by the end of this sentence are back up to $12,500. Investing is fun!

Much like fucking magnets, how does blockchain currency work? It does, I guess, and now the cannabis industry wants in.

Enter the folks behind Budbo, who are proposing a blockchain solution for the weed industry, government agencies, and researchers. There remains a great deal to be desired as far as tracking the cannabis industry, so Budbo has introduced a blockchain-backed solution, something that the Bitcoinist reports "aims to streamline the processes, supply chain, and logistics of the marijuana industry, bringing transparency to the ecosystem with the help of the Ethereal Blockchain. By creating a data backbone for the cannabis industry, Budbo will be able to help stakeholders in the industry, government authorities, researchers, and all other interested parties gain useful industry insights."

Among their offered products is Budbo Trax, a "powerful logistics tool which allows for real time GPS tracking of enabled tracking of marijuana products—from grower to end user, supported with verified bill of landing, proof of pickup, and proof of delivery, all facilitating the effective monitoring of the marijuana industry supply chain."

That part I get.

Here's where it gets fuzzy (but I'm a semi-Luddite, so you may get better mileage with your understanding).

That same blockchain is used for their offering of "BUBO" tokens. (I will say this once: To not have called them "Hitcoins" is a massive failure of their marketing team. BUBO sounds like coin of the realm for Hobbits.)

The tokens are sold in tiers—when one tier sells out, the next tier opens up. Each tier is more expensive than the previous, so it serves you well to invest early. (Caveat: MAYBE it serves you well to invest early, if at all. If you make this your 401K and it all comes crashing down, please don't email me ranting that I recommended you invest in this. I did not. My investments include my jar of change on my dresser, and some cans and bottles I have yet to return. I'm not Charles Schwab...)

Budbo's pre-sale of 20 million tokens at $.20 each is sold out, along with their Tier 1 sale of 15 million tokens at $.25 each. (The total raised from those two sales? $7,750,000. So keep an eye out for "Uncle Josh's Old Timey Invisible Make Believe Tokens" coming soon.)

There is still time to jump on board, with three additional tier offerings at $.28, $.30 and $.33, for a total of 95 million tokens.

Honestly, you could buy 10 and still pay less than a you would for a large pour-over coffee. Is this a safe investment? I do not know. But I'm going to buy 100 of these later today, and see where they are in a month.

You can check out the sale here, but again—you roll the dice and take your chances, and don't blame me if it all goes to hell.