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For too long, the city and state had weird rules that clamped down on lead dust when people remodeled their homes, but mandated no safety measures for demolitions. Which was, you know, dumb. So after some legislative action in Salem last year, City Council on Thursday passed a set of new requirements to limit the spread of lead and asbestos in home demolitions.

Welp, here we go. Donald Trump is expected to okay the release of a secret memo, written up by Republican staffers on the House Intelligence Committee, that suggests the FBI is biased against Trump. Democrats say it cherry picks facts, and the president's own people aren't digging this. From the NYT: "The president’s eagerness to see the document made public pitted him against his own top national security officials, who have warned that it omits crucial context and that its release would jeopardize sensitive government information."

So, about this talking French orca: I remain skeptical.

The Portland police are talking about moving their Central Precinct headquarters from downtown to Multnomah Village. Multnomah Village is not so central. Just an observation.

OPB's got an interesting piece about how Amanda Fritz wants to give developers rights to build bigger buildings downtown in exchange for money that could pay for sprucing up parks.

Now an OSU student who slapped racist stickers onto several cars belonging to members of a racial justice group faces felony hate crime charges.

Sort of related: TriMet has selected an artist to create a memorial to the victims of last year's MAX train stabbings. Her piece is okay.

Here's a useful look at what the demise of FamilyCare, a coordinated care organization that supplied health care to thousands of low-income Oregonians, looks like in practice.

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Serial rapist Larry Nassar is in court again, facing down another crop of angry and vengeful victims. The father of two three victims tried to bum rush him this morning. It didn't work.