Media News: LA Times Sells, Local Alt-Weekly Departures


Nobody will be sorry to see Martin Cizmar leave Portland.
It was at least sometimes entertaining to watch Cizmar argue with readers in the comments section, but his articles were always just trollish click-bait, and never very well written.
You buried the lede on Cizmar, but great news nonetheless. A shit-stirrer without a cause who never got mouthy when it mattered. Would go out of his way to wonder why this city wasn't more like [insert terrible city here], but wouldn't actively embrace anything people loved about it. Also, a shit editor who hung his writers out to dry, omitted facts about every restaurant he ever covered and picked at the city's scabs. It's as if gloating about Burnside26 and joining Saigon Colonial protests rather than Don't Shoot Portland protests makes you look one-dimensional and shallow.