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Good grief, another brunch spot? Yes! But this is good brunch, Spanish-influenced brunch, a little bit different brunch.

Beginning this weekend Bar Case Vale will be offering their new morning menu from 10 am, Saturday and Sunday. I tried a few dishes at a soft opening event and they were exciting in a way that brunch often isn’t. Things like chocolate toast, salt cod fritters with green garlic and kelp, and a variety of meat dishes that come sizzling in a cazuela pot. Sometimes it was simple, like the plate of Surryano ham with house made butter. Either way, the ingredients and preparation demonstrated quality and firm attention to detail.

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Menus are designed for sharing and are split into three sections (starter, small, large). You’re supposed to pick a dish from each, though that can get spendy rather fast, but you could feasibly just share one of the large ones, which come in around $15. The cocktails list is shrewd and fun. Both the sidra ponche (sherry, brandy, lemon) and aqua de Valencia (gin, vodka, cava, citrus) pack an invigorating punch, if that’s how you like to start your day.

Bar Casa Vale - SE 9th & Pine

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