Hard to capture all the god damn snow that is falling. Stop it.
Hard to capture all the god damn snow that is falling. Stop it. Dirk VanderHart

BRACE YOURSELF. It is snowing as I write this. It was not supposed to snow yet. It is supposed to keep snowing. Your PM commute isn't looking great, folks.

The past two nights have been cold enough that the county's severe weather shelters have been fired up, to help ensure anyone who needs a respite from the cold can get it. You should donate goods to them.

Speaking of shelter, OPB has the first piece in a series chronicling the troubling conditions at the county's largest homeless shelter for families, which opened in 2016 but had to close earlier this month because of a failing roof.

The Trib has new accusations against Charles McGee, the former director and founder of the Black Parent Initiative. According to the paper, a BPI staffer accused McGee of sexual harassment several years back, spurring board members to resign. But a new board was brought in and not told of the accusations, and McGee continued on. He's since been fired, after sexual assault allegations reported by Willamette Week.

Legitimate gripes or tantrum? We reported yesterday that two property managers have resigned from a city commission in protest, after Mayor Ted Wheeler announced he wants to expand renter protections.

The ongoing, super-complicated saga of the fetid Portland Harbor Superfund has grown somehow more complex. Now the Washington-based Yakama Nation has sued polluters responsible for mucking up the Willamette River.

The Merc's Erik Henriksen has a reminder: Here are the members of Oregon's congressional delegation who take money from the NRA. If you live in Portland, you probably have no say in whether they get re-elected or not.

Trump supports changes to federal background checks for gun purchases—or at least he's hinting he might. The NRA supports those same changes, if that gives you any idea how potent they'd be.

Most Americans believe Congress needs to do more the stop mass shootings .

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ICYMI: Portland's about to become the latest city suing opioid manufacturers for raking in cash while addicting a generation.