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Along with President Trump, the NRA is in full-blown panic mode following a national wave of outrage spawned by the mass murder at Stoneman Douglas High School. The surviving students of the massacre have built a steadily growing movement thanks to savvy social media engagement, and an extremely impressive takedown of Sen. Marco Rubio and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch at Wednesday's town hall discussion on CNN. While the NRA's method of ignoring a tragedy and then turning it into an advancement for their cause may have worked in the past, it is currently blowing up in their faces, as evidenced by NRA chief Wayne LaPierre's panicky, over-the-top speech at CPAC, and the fact that the gun lobby's business partners are dropping them like flaming hot coals.

Following a tsunami of social media calls to boycott companies that have been offering deep discounts to NRA members, Enterprise, Alamo, and National car rentals have dropped their associations with the group.

As of Friday morning, both Avis and Hertz [see update below] rental companies are still in bed with the NRA, as well as FedEx. Feel free to tweet them about that here, here, and here.

Hotels such as Best Western and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts are also claiming they are dropping the NRA partnerships, as well as the First National Bank of Omaha which is one of the country's largest banking institutions.

Here's list of other businesses (and politicians) that have supported the NRA in the past, if you'd like to jump on the boycott train. And here's more information about Oregon politicians who have accepted money from the gun lobby, and should be voted out of office at your earliest convenience.

UPDATE 9:32 am:

And now Hertz.