UPDATED: Taake's Portland Show Canceled After Accusations of Islamophobia and Neo-Nazism


This is ridiculous. The Hawthorne Theater shouldn't cave to the demands of these Antifa terrorists. And that's all they arr, left-leaning terrorists. They cause just as much, if not more, destruction than the groups they claim to oppose. And getting bands concerts cancelled because they are offended over something thry don't understand makes them the same as the facists.

In top of that, Taake isn't a racist band. They get Abbas rap over the one incident but, as they say, it was done for shock value. They have admitted that it was a huge mistake. Should we not forgive people's mistakes...especially for mistakes over a decade old? Does freedom of speech also mean nothing? We are at a point where now where people protest the slightest thing they are offended by and they do so without taking the time to research anything about what they are protesting. It's just un-educated ignorance from people who have absolutely no lives. They need to get a job and contribute to society instead of terrorizing it.

Getting the show cancelled will only hurt Antifa's cause. People like me who aren't very political now vehemently oppose Antifa. I don't support the Nazi side either, they are both morons, but I will not support anything these terrorists stand for. And I'm not alone. They have not only turned away potential supporters but have now made enemies across the country as a result of their complete ignorance of a band and musical genre.

Freedom of speech comes under the same aegis as freedom of association.
No governmental entity required that they not play; people simple don;t think wearing swastikas and demeaning people is as fun as others.
The antifascist cause was to not provide people using fascism to entertain a platform, so, by definition, they already served their purpose.
Obviously saying "hey, these guys are pretty Nazi adjacent, what with the swastika waving" isn't terrorism. You're free to go see them in whatever venue will accommodate them.

Antifascist groups have been around for a long time, and it will fight fascism as long as it exists. When people band together to say "no" to people that want to demean our neighbors, it'll exist. When people band together to say "if you want to support people that wave Nazi symbols, we're not going to be quiet about it" will always exist.
If you oppose antifascists in general due to the tactics of certain antifascists because you didn't get to see your favorite band that waves swastikas and hates on Muslims, my guess is you don't have a very stringent line on not supporting Nazis.
Portland is riddled with communists.

You people (you really aren't people) used the threat of violence to censor a band and ruined the show for literally everyone wanting to see it.

You ARE everything you accused this band of.

So lets get sometging straight, you can do whatever you want because "you're resisting racism, and that automatically makes us the good guys."

Okay, well what if someone srarted to smash your skulls in and said, "its okay, we are fighting communist anarchism."?

You shouldn't hadvocate for violence, because its what you get.

Screw antifa, you are a hateful evil people justifying your evil acts through your own garbage morality and literally vilifying anyone who criticizes you.