It’s not every month that the national media parachutes into town to report on a local cookbook scandal, but last week was not a regular week. The Washington Post reported that the International Association of Culinary Professionals named Joshua McFadden’s Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables as its cookbook of the year. The only problem? It was co-authored by Portlander Martha Holmberg—who just happens to be the IACP’s CEO. The good news is that the trade group is putting rules in place to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. The bad news? The group has rescinded McFadden’s—and Holmberg’s—award. All that said, the book is a keeper and you should buy and use it.

What else happened?

The Mercury reported that Verdigris’ Johnny Nunn will open an Italian restaurant called Corzetti in the recently vacated Muscadine spot up on NE Prescott sometime in April. We also reported that Edible Portland is looking for a buyer—and is offering the magazine’s publishing rights at a steep discount. Normally, those rights cost about $100,000. The publisher is selling those rights for just $50K. And lastly, we picked our top five unsung Portland Dining Month restaurants for you to hit up this March.

Per usual, Eater had lots of news this week. Remember last year’s local Fyre Festival-like taco festival? The one where vendors sold out in just 90 minutes before all hell broke loose? The one that put—😖—chihuahuas and lucha libre masks front and center? Well, one of last year’s vendors is teaming up with a tequila guy to throw a proper festival at the Expo Center come March 24. Eater also reported that the Kimpton Hotel’s new Three Degrees rebranding has a new name and focus. It’ll be called King Tide Fish & Shell and will open this April. It also reported that Oregon’s second Cracker Barrel is now open in Beaverton, and that Mio Sushi has closed its Hollywood location. But don’t worry. The Salem-based Bi Bim Bap House will take its place.

And speaking of Eater, former Eater PDX editor Mattie John Bamman’s out there all by his own damn self showing us that you don’t need a masthead when you're your own brand. He broke the news via his Ravenous Traveler website that Teote, the SE 12th joint known just as much for its awesome patio as it is for the arepas it hawks, has just opened its own mescaleria on NE Alberta.

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Portland Monthly broke the news that River Pig’s Ramzy Hattar is taking the reins of the Pearl District’s Oba space with some swing-for-the-fences plans, turning it into a swanky lounge where national and international traveling musicians can chill before and after shows and—if the theater bug bites them—perform there, too. The cocktail bar/music venue will be called Zizou and should open sometime within the next six to eight months.

Willamette Week had the news that the insane lines up at brunch spot Gravy might start to thin thanks to the announcement of a second location in the old Harvest at the Bindery location on Sandy.

And last but not least, the Oregonian took on the burden of letting us know that The Big Egg, the food cart-turned-brick-and-mortar breakfast joint, has fried its last egg up on Alberta.