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See you in court, Trump!
"See you in court, Trump!" Ethan Miller / Getty

GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Maybe I should have played you, 'cause you don't appreciate me, no. And I tried to stay down with you, but you're making it hard on me. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

As was expected, a Multnomah County judge ruled against voter-enacted campaign reforms. Our Dirk VanderHart has the deets!

A Camas woman attacked her boyfriend with a samurai sword after discovering the Tinder app on his phone.

In 2011, a Portland woman accused Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban of sexually assaulting her, and he was released because of "insufficient evidence."

During a speech at Lewis & Clark, students disrupted and shouted down conservative feminism critic Christina Hoff Sommers.

The unfortunate New York Knicks was murderized by our blazing hot Blazers, 111-87. Check out the recap (and halftime fan pictures) from our Arthur Bradford!

An Oregon dummy is suing Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart because they won't sell him a gun. Confidential to every other gun seller: DON'T SELL A GUN TO THIS GUY, HE'S AN IDIOT!

Trump's top economic adviser Gary Cohn was apparently fine with all of the president's racist remarks and chaotic behavior, but fucking with the tariffs?!? He quit over that shit.

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels is suing President Trump because he apparently never signed the nondisclosure agreement (about the gross affair they may or may not have had... but they definitely had one) they had drawn up pre-election.

The Mueller investigation is turning its steely eye toward Trump's financial dealings with foreign governments, and has interviewed businessman George Nader who has ties to the United Arab Emirates.

The Justice Department (encouraged by Mr. Magoo) is suing California for establishing sanctuary cities to protect immigrants.

Okay, it's for real this time: West Virginia teachers have ended their successful strike after both state houses unanimously voted to raise their wages.

Everyone wants to know more about Parkland high school activist Emma González, and hurrah! Here's a profile devoted to her.

Democrats turned out in droves for a primary election in Texas, and human bag of dicks Ted Cruz will be facing potential Democratic spoiler Beto O'Rourke in November.

Three women are now on the record claiming that author Sherman Alexie sexually harassed them.

Now it's time for the WEATHER: Another decent day (with a high of 56), but rain returns tonight!

And finally, BEHOLD: A dog jumping rope (with an assist from two other dogs). Your day is complete!