City Council Candidate Jo Ann Hardesty is Stepping Down from the NAACP, Following Concerns About Dual Role


So Jo Ann is forced out of a volunteer position because she is alleged to have violated an unwritten internal policy of a private organization.

Meanwhile her opponent was required by law to resign her $100K job and refuses to do so.

Yet the press treats one the same as the other.

Jo Ann Hardesty's ethics are beyond reproach.
Somehow the only candidate without any of these ethical issues, Williams, gets little to no coverage in the local press. And of all the candidate web pages, hers is the only one that offers more than platitudes in terms of positions (not hyper-detailed, but at least substantive). Hardesty is obviously smart and accomplished, but I have yet to see her set forth any concrete proposals to solve our city's problems to date.
"...the only candidate without any of these ethical issues..."

Sorry, no.

If you want to assert ethical breaches by a candidate, you'll need to put up something to back it up.