With Dan Saltzman Absent, City Council Passes a Campaign Finance Tweak He Stopped Yesterday


"Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has been handed ONI, and she says she's got too much on her plate to institute a new elections system"

I mean, it's better she does nothing, since everything she has done has been extremely bad and harmful, but is she kidding us? She has plenty of time not doing her job, showing up late to Council meetings, sitting on her phone the entire time, going to various bars to "celebrate" with her tenant group supporters (nobody else likes her or wants to hang out with her at this point save for white supremacist pals like Sean Tejaratchi). She couldn't even graduate high school, and ran a perpetually failing bookstore. No surprise she has almost zero work ethic and claims she is "too busy" for basic legislative tasks.
@Flavio, these days she is even opposing her own agenda, who would have thought she would be the one casting the deciding vote against 500 affordable houses.
@econoline That's because Eudaly's agenda has never been about making housing in Portland plentiful or affordable for all. It's been based on her own petty, vindictive feelings towards her own landlord, and she managed to convince the rest of the city's renters she was on their side. Now that she has her six figure salary, and a relocation ordinance in place to get a fat payout from her landlord if she gets kicked to the curb, she has completely stopped trying. A pure grifter, through and through.