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It was the Jews who meddled in the US election! (Psst! Nice job, Jews.)
"It was the Jews who meddled in the US election! (Psst! Nice job, Jews.)"

GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Catch me in the mall, you know I buy it out. G5 plane? Yeah, I fly it out. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Republican Oregon Sen. Jeff Kruse, who resigned after sexual misconduct allegations, has been moaning on Facebook about how unfair life is, because actually, HE'S the victim here! Well, actually... BOO-HOO-HOO. Go cry to your men's group.

The Timbers suffered a sobering loss to the New York Red Bulls, 4-0. Check out what the hell happened with our footy ambassador, Abe Asher.

On a more pleasant note, the Blazers won their ninth straight game this weekend against the Warriors, 125-108. Check out the recap (and halftime fan photos) from our own Arthur Bradford.

OH, and speaking of Blazer magic, check this out...

The White House is still pushing their idiotic idea to arm teachers, while agreeing to strengthen federal background checks—though now they're backpedaling on the idea of raising the age for buying a gun to 21.

Portland students are going to be among the hundreds of thousands walking out of their schools this Wednesday to protest our government's unwillingness to do anything substantive on gun control. More on the background and what to expect here.

In a strange interview on NBC News, Vladimir Putin tried to blame US election meddling on... the Jews? A lot of people are not happy.

In another TV interview, wildly unqualified Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited 60 Minutes and pretty much collapsed under a heavy line of questioning.

Meanwhile Stormy Daniels may be giving an interview to 60 Minutes—if the gods of legality will allow.

In case you missed it, on Friday the WSJ reported that Trump's lawyers will allow the president to speak with Robert Mueller if the investigator asks softball questions and promises to provide a date when the investigation will end. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA... NO.

Tesla founder Elon Musk says we must colonize Mars in order to protect the human species in event of a third world war. That's okay with me... but can we leave him behind?

Singer Bruno Mars was called out this weekend for cultural appropriation for taking Black music without paying tribute to those who created it—however, there are many (including Black people) who are defending him.

Now let's consider the WEATHER: An unseasonably warm and sunny day with a high of 70!

And finally, check out the despicable Dana Loesch of the NRA in this dumb commercial for "Superbeets" (which the Parkland kids have been watching to get a good laugh).