Comedian Kathy Griffin Reminds Us What the Right Really Thinks of Free Speech


This brouhaha would never have happened to a comedian named Karl Griffin. By common agreement among men AND women, women have fewer rights to say what they think or do what they want IF you care about other people's opinions. Kathy Griffin's real gift is that tough hide of hers, and I don't care if she's funny or not -- I'm with her. FYI, dear fellow -- you should lose some weight and smile more.
The right-wing was totally fine with Obama effigies, calling Michelle an "Ape in the White House," Rush Limbaugh playing the song "Barrack the Magic Negro" on his radio show, and questioning Obama's legitimacy as president (the Birther movement). Oh yes, they were fine with all of these things and more.

And let us not forget all the vile and disgusting things Trump has said/done and the right-wing still supports him. The right can no longer claim they party of "family values," or claim any moral superiority. (as if they ever had any morals or values)

If a right-winger says or does something disgusting: TOTALLY FINE! ELECT THEM PRESIDENT!
If a liberal does something disgusting: LOCK THEM UP! RUIN THEIR CAREER!